Tuesday, 12 July 2016



Diabetesgeek has reached 6,000 views! I know! I started this blog in Feb 16' with the aim of inspiring, sharing and generally just being brutally honest about both the good and the bad parts of being a type one diabetic.

It was only the other day I celebrated 300 views, I swear! It's so ridiculous, thank you if you read, and I'm assuming if you've ended up here that you do. ;)

Considering I lived 13 years without ever (really) mentioning my diabetes, to have people listen and care about what I have to say feels really awesome, on both a personal and community level. Thanks to diabetesgeek I am now (hypothetically) surrounded by some of the most strong and independent people I know. I'm not cool enough for the gbdoc party people!

I mean for some people, 6,000 views is nothing, but for an 18 year old from Portsmouth with a very select audience I think that's pretty good going.

So what's next?

More of the same? Hell yes. I'm happy to report you won't see any changes around here. I have a few exciting ideas lined up and ready to go. I'd love to hear your feedback. I am blogging more about non-diabetes related issues to, like depression, anxiety and social pressures. I feel such subjects need light, and if I could help even just a little..
Plus, I am a person despite my diabetes so I think it's important to reflect that here on diabetesgeek.

You're all fab and I don't want to get emotional so toodle-pip!

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