Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Back to Basics #1 : Technology

So I'm starting a mini series on here called 'Back To Basics'. Posts will take turns in being Diabetes related and non-diabetes related. I want to mix things up and cater for those who do not have a connection to T1D. Plus it's a way for you guys to get to know me (unlucky).

So get yourself a coffee and make a little nest because 'instalment 1' is about my Diabetes technology.

The Foundation

Over the past 4 months I have used my Freestyle Libre continuously. I was completely overwhelmed with the prospect of no* finger pricks, the sheer mass of data I had available and the new patterns that were emerging.

I have made no major changes to my diabetes management whilst using the Freestyle Libre, I have simply adjusted my basal rate (both up and down).

I am lucky that I have good hypo and hyper awareness - I am sure I have over sensitivity, but that’s a post in itself. So I am not reliant on Libs in terms of needing to know my blood glucose level at the drop of a hat, I am just inquisitive.

The Cornerstone

I soon became way too reliant on my Libre. I developed an OCD type preoccupation with how my blood sugars were reacting. They are low, why are they low? They are high, why are they high? I have Generalised Anxiety Disorder and Depression aside from Diabetes anyway, so the combination created a twisted and warped idea of diabetes management in my head.

Unintentionally, I made excuses for myself not to order anymore sensors. I thought if I have a break for even a couple of days it can act as a bit of a detox. Here I am, 6 days Libs-less and my blood sugars have never been better. It's almost annoying because I expected the opposite results.

The Establishment
My Diabetes basics..

It is good to go back to basics. Let me shout that for those at the back, we need to concentrate on the basics. I am performing >10 tests a day but my blood sugars are looking great. I appreciate I would scan anywhere from 20-80 times a day with Libs, so I won't be seeing the whole picture with finger-pricking but I think that is what I needed.

Since I am on MDI (multiple daily injections) it is easy for me to almost put diabetes to the back of my mind, for 13 years I never spent more than 5 minutes talking about it, which seems crazy now. If I don't want to know what my blood glucose is because I feel high, I don't test, I think that's is where I went wrong with Libs, it was all too easy.

I appreciate this blog post is all a huge contradiction and is in no way a criticism of the Freestyle Libre, I just don't think I had the knowledge to give the fantastic bit of technology it's full potential. I will be inserting my next Libre with caution and only scanning when I have the absolute need to do so.

Things to remember:

  • If bloods are >10 two hours after eating; all is swell.
  • Novorapid’s effects can last up to 5 hours; so don't panic.
  • If you don't have the energy/patience/strength, ignorance is bliss.
  • Do not stress (this is my biggest downfall), you are trying your best and even if you're not giving it 100% that is okay too.

Thanks for reading!

Amber xx

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