Thursday, 30 June 2016

Exclusive UK Launch - LibreLink App

LibreLink in the Google Play Store

Abbott has teamed up with AirStrip Technologies to bring us PWD an app for Android phones (with NFC capabilities) all of the data, available on the current handset, and more, when scanning our Libre sensor with our phones! Amazing, right?

I was kindly invited to a Google Hangout with Abbott on Tuesday evening, I had a chance to talk with Product Lead, Joel who explained how LibreLink works and why they thought it was the next plausible step for Abbott. Joel spoke about how the medical world is becoming increasingly digital, and Abbott wanted to be a part of that. The aim of LibreLink is to make diabetes management simple and accessible to Freestyle Libre users.

Next, we heard from Sky presenter, Stephen Dixon who has T1, about his trial of LibreLink. In summary his thoughts are; Fantastic range of data, scanning with your phone allows us to see all the data we would if we were to scan with the handset, along with an estimate of our HBA1C. LibreLink has colour indications for your pre-set ranges; Green for in range, Red for hypo and Amber for hyper. Stephen said the colour scheme makes data instantaneously easy, and allows a quick solution for Libre users. His last praise was on a phone the display of data was more spread out and made patterns and graphs clear to see.

Libs and I
Some facts worth considering- 

  • Fear not! LibreLink runs via NFC (Near Field Communication) but it takes up less than 5% of battery life(if we scan <20 a day) - this was important for me as a Teen with T1. More battery will be used according to how many scans one preforms.
  • The App takes up little storage.
  • LibreLink can be used alongside the Freestyle Libre handset if you scan both within the 60 minute start-up time, handy if you lose either your phone or handset!
  • If you lose your mobile or it miraculously attracts damage, all of your LibreLink data will be held in The Cloud. 

To recap, you will need; An android phone (unfortunately LibreLink is not yet available to IPhone users due to their NFC chip and security of Apple Pay) which has NFC capabilities, a Freestyle Libre sensor and the LibreLink app which is available here.

Should you need anymore information, click this link to head to the official LibreLink website.

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