Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Carbs&Cals Counter Book (6th Edition) - Review

*Disclaimer: Carbs&Cals kindly gifted me any products mentioned below. All views are my own and not those of Carbs&Cals.

When the lovely team at Carbs&Cals offered me the chance to review their #1 UK's best selling book I, understandably, jumped at the chance! 

A huge part of Diabetes, both type one and two, is counting carbohydrates. Carb counting allows us to adjust our insulin dose according to our carb intake throughout the day.The Carbs&Cals Counter Book allows PWD to view 1700+ food and drink items, along with different portion sizes and combinations! It really is a game changer. 

I like to use the book when I am at home, especially if I am cooking or am planning to eat out. My favourite part is that there is a sections called 'meals' and 'eating out' which includes food such as; chicken enchiladas, pizza and kebabs. The photos of different portion sizes really handy when I am eating at a restaurant.
If you would like to find out more information or order yourself a book then follow this link.

When I am out and about (which is more often than not), I find their app fantastic. It is virtually the same as the book mentioned above, with portion sizes, food categories and an option to add your own entries too - this is something I am yet to try.
For the app via Google Play visit this link or if you're an Apple user you might want to click here!

I really do value the information that each Carbs&Cals product gives me as a T1 Diabetic, without them my blood sugars would be even more irrational - I dread to think! Plus, I wouldn't share a product and brand with you lovely lot if I didn't truly trust and use it.
Thanks for reading.

Amber xx

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