Wednesday, 15 June 2016

A New Chapter

So today I turn a new page, begin a new chapter and close the previous. I have taken my final exam at college(!!!!) and am now open to the big wide world! Eeek!

Do I have a plan? Kind of. I am taking at least a year out. I want to work my arse off this year in every aspect. Work hard at a job, love hard, enjoy every moment to the fullest, eat raw and healthy, exercise hard and make building myself my biggest priority. Then, when the time is right to re-join the university route.

My goals, I hear you ask? My goals are as follows;

  • I am so desperate to travel
  • To meet new people, good people
  • Learn new skills
  • Continue to improve my confidence
  • Build on everything Diabetes (blog, twitter, my health)

I came home from my exam to see this quote clipped to the fridge 'You know all those things you've always wanted to do? You should go do them.' I feel like this is so representative of my life right now.

For me, college and everything I associate it with was completely negative; I am so happy to be moving on from that time in my life, to bigger, brighter things, whatever they happen to be!

I am happy with my choices, I hope you are too.

Amber xx

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