Wednesday, 18 May 2016

The Physical Presence of Diabetes

A physical presence of Diabetes, you say? But D is an autoimmune disease? My Freestyle Libre is a physical element of my condition, and soon so will my insulin pump. 

A deciding factor on both Libs&Pump was that others can 'see' my diabetes, which sounds ridiculous because the Libre is the size of a £2 coin, but when you've lived with the silent condition for 14 years.. it suddenly makes sense. I've heard stories of people thinking it's some kind of nicotine patch, and to be quite honest I'd rather not be mistaken for an 18 year old drug addict. Up until recently, I would go to the toilet to inject when in public/accompanied by anyone apart from my family and best friends.

And I feel like it's representative of my relationship with diabetes recently; I am embracing a condition I did not ask for. Now I'm not saying I am the most confident, but I'm getting there. I am proud of my battle.

Plus, if anyone had the ignorance to comment on my diabetes equipment, I think I'd head-butt them. In the honour of #showmeyourpump.. #showmeyourlibre, because we're proud. And since I carry this shitty disease around with my anyway, I'd much rather wear it like a medal. Oh and did I mention I got a tattoo for my 18th.. ;)
'I am greater than my highs and lows'

Thanks for reading. Toodle-pip!

Amber xx

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