Thursday, 7 April 2016

"Please excuse my ramblings"

So today is 'World Health Day' and it's got me thinking..please excuse my ramblings.

I wish I didn't have diabetes, and I speak for every diabetic when I say that.

I hate how we wished for hover-boards, and we still haven't got them but what I hate more is how I pray every day for a cure for diabetes, and we are still nowhere near. 

I wish my family didn't see my mood swings as my blood glucose fluctuates.

I wish I didn't have to inject, taking a deep breath when the needle scrapes my skin for the countless time.

I wish my life didn't revolve around numbers, data and patterns.

I wish I didn't have to cancel plans because my BG makes me feel shitty.

I wish I was healthy, I wish I was normal.

I wish I wasn't happy about becoming part robot in the near future.

I hate how I save my own life every day.

I hate how ringing my DSN is a lifeline for me.

I hate checking for ketones, almost wishing I had them as it would explain high BG.

I hate that this list could be never-ending. 

I love how supportive my family, friends and boyfriend are. This is something I will never take for granted. 

I love how far technology has come, and I love watching it grow day by day.

I love that I have an online community who help me.. Every. Single. Day.

I love how I see my diabetes as a challenge, bring it on.

I am proud of my diabetes, it is a part of me that I embrace.

I am proud of my strength, as well as the integrity that those around me possess. 

I am proud that diabetes has had such a positive influence on my life.

I love that you guys stick by me.

Thanks for reading.


Amber xx

Twitter: @wingscanbreak 

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