Monday, 1 February 2016

Advice for (re)Gaining Control of T1 Diabetes

Advice from me, to you..
I'm not one to talk about control but I've got more experience (14 years to be exact) than a non-diabetic ;)

Advice for (re)Gaining Control of T1 Diabetes

  • Let go of the concept of perfection. LET IT GO. Let's face it, we all have our good and bad days.
  • Identify a simple, manageable goal.
  • Let's say that goal is testing your BGL at least 4X a day - great!
  • It doesn't matter what your blood sugars are - IT DOES NOT MATTER WHAT THAT NUMBER IS.
  • Just test, test, test and test until your first thought in the morning is 'What's my BGL?'
  • The next step is to become a data freak.
  • Start looking for patterns with the help of your parents/carer/consultant/DSN
  • Find a problem area and figure out a solution BUT don't manipulate more than one variable at a time
  • DID YOU READ THAT? One variable at a time! Like starting a diet and giving up alcohol in the same week? Bad. Idea.
  • Let's begin with your overnight basal rate
  • Tweak it
  • Get frustrated and cry because it's not working.
  • Argue with family and friends
  • Apologise
  • Tweak some more
  • You finally got it! Celebrate (but don't ruin that diet)
  • Now move onto variable #2
  • Have a bad day and completely reverse all the progress you made
  • Get reeeeeeeeaaaaaallllllly mad at yourself and want to give up.
  • Debate murdering that super-skinny girl at work who can eat a pizza and her pancreas is like 'I'm going to administer the perfect amount of insulin to cover this delicious food so you can continue to function'
  • Don't give up, though. Everyday is a fresh opportunity to re-gain control of your health.
  • So forgive your mistakes - and celebrate small successes! (See previous blog post ;) )
  • Write a blog post about how crap diabetes is and let other diabetics comment on it and commiserate with you & tell you it's okay because tomorrow is a new day.
  • Take their advice - do better tomorrow.
  • Realise that your value and overall beauty has NOTHING to do with type one diabetes

Amber xx

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