Wednesday, 27 January 2016

'You should be thanking yourself'


I can safely say that after having university interviews for Children's Nursing three days in a row is rough, tiring, exciting, stressful and awesome.
It was so lovely to meet so many people who are equally as passionate as me in terms of nursing and caring for people. I definitely deserve this large glass of red wine* sat next to me (or that's what I'm telling myself at least.)

Apart from many hypos and an awful high of 31.6 mmol on the train home (my highest in roughly two months), my diabetes has really behaved! I was so worried that it would be bouncing from low to high because of the stress and pressure that I was under. My experience with stress and diabetes hasn't been the best in previous experiences - my BGL's either plummet, excel or both. So you can imagine I was testing with caution.

It was on the way home where I was sat with my Mum (shoutout) and said 'thank you diabetes for behaving' and pretended to pray. Mum quickly turned and said 'you shouldn't be thanking diabetes - that control is down to you - you should be thanking yourself'. It is gentle reminders like this that make me slow down and appreciate myself for once.

So I thought I'd make a quick blog post to;
a) let you know that I'm still alive and still consuming chocolate
and b) just be gentle with yourself and appreciate when things go well and acknowledge when things don't go so well- my advice would be to put a plan in place.

The thing with diabetes is that it's a constant, but not always stable. Which makes it difficult sometimes to take care of yourself. There's been plenty of times in the past where I've just not eaten because my BGL were so high it just wasn't worth the risk of making them any higher, in my opinion (DON'T do this). Making time for yourself can be difficult to do but it is so worth it! We've got it tough as it is - do yourself a favour and don't make it any harder for yourself.


Amber xx

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*Maybe not such a good idea whilst writing this, shh I won't tell if you wont ;)
Disclaimer - don't drink kids it's bad for your health..

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