Tuesday, 16 February 2016

A day without diabetes..

Alright so everyone has their dreams don't they? To live in Bora Bora, to be a millionaire, win the lottery and all that. Usually, these dreams are called such for a reason, they are unlikely to happen but a day without diabetes is all I ever wished for. No injections, no thinking about food, no analysing data and no tweaking of ratios. To wake up one morning with my first thought not being 'I need to do a test' (sounds better than you'd think).

I've had diabetes essentially all my life, so to have a day without it would seem odd. It's like asking a runner to stop running, they'll look at you with a confused face and ask 'why?' Diabetes is my thing and it's something that I've now turned into a hobby if you like. I've made friends through my condition and have many more plans for the future. Let's be honest, my dream carer would be to help others through this condition, so why would I want a day without diabetes? Sure I'd like a day minus the injections and testing, but when it returned the next day I could go back to my hobby! I love blogging and wouldn't drop it for the world after the attention I get from diabetesgeek - it's been incredible. It gives me a space to rant, appreciate and understand my condition as well as hear other's stories.

At least being diagnosed at 4 I remember nothing 'pre-diabetes', in a way I am thankful for that. I really appreciate those people who were diagnosed in their early teens and upwards because you'd have those memories of when you were 'normal' and you could spend a bad day thinking 'I remember when I could just *insert activity*'...that must be really hard.

So the more I think about a day without diabetes the more I don't like it. A day without diabetes would mean that every day after, I'd spend my time thinking about what it was like to be 'normal'. I'd rather fantasise about having a functioning pancreas than to have a real one for a day. My dream day would be fractured by the reality, and that is something I just couldn't face. I wouldn't have reconnected with old friends, made new friends and ultimately found something that I really enjoy doing. Why would anyone give that up?

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