Sunday, 28 February 2016

Pump Update!

So at the beginning of the month I put up a blog post ‘You, Me and Insulin Pumps: The Truth’ and the response I received was phenomenal. Everyone on the #gbdoc (Diabetes Online Community) were just wanting to share their own pump experience. After being ignorant towards pumps in fear that it would be the next step in my treatment, here I am on the pump waiting list *squeal* !

It still feels insane.

Post blog post I became obsessed with pumps, researching them every night and fast forward a week, and I have decided which pump I want.
So I rang up my paediatric team to let them know my thoughts - who told me I’d have to wait until June for the next ‘pump evening’ - I was gob-smacked! JUNE! That’s so far away to wait for an evening that I went to roughly two years ago. I explained the situation and that I’m certain this is what I want to do. Anyway, we came to the agreement that my nurse will come round for a home visit and tell me everything that they would at the ‘pump evening’. If clinic and I are happy with that, then I go on a four week programme which consists of the following;

Week 1 : visit the doctor
Week 2 : visit my dietician (pointless in my eyes)
Week 3 : they trial me with the pump and saline solution (salty water)  
Week 4 : clinic send me away with my pump and insulin but I come back every couple of days so
 they can monitor my progress

What is an insulin pump?
A needle (cannula) is inserted under the skin and held in place with an adhesive patch. The other end of the tube is connected to the pump which then delivers small increments of insulin throughout the day according to its programming.

I would never have thought that I would say this but I’m excited to become part-robot! :D

After countless Google searches and emails; I’ve decided that I want to go on the Animas Vibe (pictures below). Mainly because it has a built in CGM (continuous glucose monitor) sensor for the Dexcom G4 (image on the left) and it is waterproof - to a certain extent. However, my team only have funding for the
MiniMed® 640G, but I shall definitely push for the Animas Vibe (which solely depends on funding.)

Potentially, I could be on a pump in the next two months (If all goes to plan). For my 18th in May I’m having a weekend at Bath Spa with some of the most important women in my life, so who knows if that’ll be my first outing with my pump (who I’m going to name Gary ;) ). Watch this space!!

P.s. yay we’re well over 2k views now - thank you! <3


Amber xx


  1. Animas is a good choice, it was Amy has, you can quiz her about it in a couple of weeks

    1. She'll have a great time answering question after question from me then! Fab.