Friday, 15 January 2016

Here goes nothing..

So here's the awkward bit where this gets two views, an anonymous comment asking for my number and a bunch of people who wouldn't have even clicked the link.

Diagnosis - a good place to start. I was diagnosed with Type One Diabetes at age four, so I can't remember much. For all of you non-Diabetes geeks - Type One Diabetes is an autoimmune disease where my pancreas doesn't produce much (or any) insulin. Insulin is the hormone used to turn glucose into energy, so a pretty essential part of a functioning human body. Four injections a day (at least), four blood glucose tests (at least) and constant monitoring by health care professionals have all just become my normal routine.  

I decided to set up a blog that discusses Type One Diabetes and all that goes along with it - purely because there isn't enough around. If the diabetes blogging world was around when I was diagnosed I know I would've made good use of it.


Amber xx

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