Sunday, 17 January 2016

Fun Fact Sunday...

Happy Sunday fun-day!

For the 98% of you who aren't my close family and friends, I thought it'd be a good idea to tell you a little bit about me - other than my diabetes since I'm quite enjoying this whole blogging thing. 

So what do you need to know? 

Hello, it's me...

- I'm 17 and was born in Portsmouth, England
- I've had type one Diabetes since the age of 4 and am    
  insulin dependent
- My favourite colour is maroon
- I've been diagnosed with CRPS and Depression/Anxiety 
  fairly recently
- Winter/Autumn is my favourite time of the year
- I'm the youngest of four children; I have two sisters and one 
- My eldest sister and I are virtually identical (even if she    
  doesn't like to admit it)
- I'm currently at college studying for my A Levels, I take    
  English Language, Psychology and Health&Social Care

My niece and I ^
- My parents are divorced (wooo for the broken souls)
- I've applied to study Children's Nursing at university; I have 
  three interviews next week, one asking for references and 
  one that I haven't heard from.
- My favourite type of music is RnB (R Kelly, Beyonce)
- I own a short hair British blue and cream cat, her name is 
  Lilly and I love her
- In general; I'm pretty lonely and don't have many friends 
  (shoutout to the real girls)
- I'm an Atheist
- To begin with, I'm such a shy person it's ridiculous
- Currently, my two-year-old niece is living with me and she's 
  the brightest of lights
- I turn 18 on May 1st; YES
- At the moment, I have two tattoos planned- one diabetes 
  related and a sibling tattoo
- My dream career is to be a Paediatric Diabetes Nurse <3 

Hopefully, this different style blog post was more interesting for the non-diabetes geeks of you and gives you an insight into who I am. If you have any suggestions on what blog posts you'd like then leave them in the comments below.
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Amber xx

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  1. Hi Amber

    James here, #TeamGKB on Instagram. Great post. I became a Type 1 Diabetic on Dec 5th 1995, my Daughter she became a Type 1 Diabetic as well when she was 5 years old, shes 11 now.

    Myself I still haven't got over both events. I just wanted to write you a comment, and let you know what you are feeling and going through with the Diabetes, it's something we all do, even now. So your not alone in your thoughts.

    Good Luck in the Job Interviews coming up and don't lose focus on your journey towards becoming a Paediatric Diabetes Nurse.


    1. Hiya James,

      Oh bless you and your daughter, diabetes sucks for everyone doesn't it. Sadly, it's a given that we all have good days and bad days, but what a hell of a journey. Thanks for the good luck wishes and keep reading my blog. Hope you're well.